When it comes to working with electrical panels, systems, and electricity, a wide array of problems can occur. Some of these problems can be dangerous and be a real threat to health and safety as well as pose a fire hazard. When working with electronics and electricity, infrared testing methods can be used to help spot issues quickly to prevent them from becoming too serious. Read on to find out about how this form of testing can improve production time and prevent accidents.

How It Works

A process called infrared thermography is used to test various components and connections in order to find hot spots. The infrared can easily and quickly detect areas that are producing excess heat caused by resistance. This type of testing is used by everyone from professional electricians to real estate home inspectors and even insurance agents. Because infrared testing is so accurate, it's often used by large manufacturers to detect any flaws within electrical items before they are mass produced. Small scale inspections are done using a handheld camera that indicates on a screen if there are any issues with the electrical components. Increased heat production is often a sign of electrical failure, and the infrared detection equipment can easily pinpoint this quickly.

What It Can Find

When using an infrared testing tool, several problem areas can be highlighted so that corrections can be made. A loose connection or arcing wires, open circuits, electrical panel overloads, and unbalanced loads are just a few examples. When these issues are caught in a timely manner, they can be corrected by the electrician before it's too late. Infrared testing can even help pinpoint the reason for failing equipment that uses electricity to operate. When it scans the object, the areas producing excess heat will emit a glow, indicating that the specific area highlighted is posing a problem.

Benefits Of Infrared Testing

Whether it is during construction or after an electrical panel has been installed, testing the equipment can help to make needed repairs and increase the life of the panel. During an inspection process, the testing method will help to prevent any service interruptions. When problems are located in a timely manner, there is a lower risk of fire and electrical shock since repairs can be made quickly. Therefore, using this type of testing can help to reduce risks to life and property. For the electrician, it's also a good tool to help increase profits by providing service that won't require excess repairs after installation. Many companies experience lower insurance premiums as a result of a reduction in losses to materials and equipment. There are many excellent benefits to using infrared testing, and it's become an essential tool for anyone working in the electrical industry.

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