When you get your electrical bill each month, you may be wondering what things in your home use the most energy that are costing you the most money. If so, below are four of these things and tips on how you can be more careful in how you use them. This can help you save money by lowering your electric bill each month.

Clothes Washer

When you do laundry, it may seem like the dryer would use the most electricity. However, if you have electric water heating, the washer is probably using the most of it, depending on what you are washing. Generally, a clothes dryer costs .44 cents per load, but a washer can cost up to .69 cents per load if you are washing your clothes in hot water and rinsing them in warm water. To keep the costs down, wash your clothes with warm or cold water.


If you use a dehumidifier in your home, it likely stays on for long periods of time or may even run constantly. This device uses a lot of electricity when it runs, however. A typical dehumidifier will cost you up to 10 cents per hour while it is operating. This could result in a monthly cost of $35 or $50 if the dehumidifier runs all the time. Only use the dehumidifier when you need it, and turn it off at night before you go to bed to reduce costs.

Space Heater

If you use a space heater during the winter very much, it can use 1,500 KW per hour, which means 15 cents per hour. This is even more if you run the space heater throughout the day. Put the space heaters away and dress more warmly instead. 

Gaming Consoles

If you or your children play gaming consoles, they can make the amount of your electrical bill increase. Running these devices throughout the day and night increases it even more. For example, a gaming console can increase your bill by $15.45 per month if the device is used all day. Make sure your children turn their gaming consoles off when they are not using them, and restrict the amount of time they can use them.

These are just some of the things that use a lot of electricity in your home. If you have any questions about this, or want to know if you have other things sucking energy, contact an electrician or visit websites of electrical contractors, like http://attaboyservices.com/, to help you. They can come to your home to find this information for you.