Green building used to be just a trendy fad, but with the rising cost of energy, it's moved into the mainstream for almost every commercial electrician. It's not just about being good for the environment anymore. Using green technology can save homeowners and business owners a significant percentage of their power costs, often paying for itself in a decade or less. Here are some of the trends you're most likely to see in the next few years:

More Alternative Technology

As a major trend in conservation in 2016 and beyond, solar power is becoming more common for everyday installations. Solar panels on the roof are a big selling point in new construction, especially with many major power companies being willing to buy back excess power.

Garages Set Up for Electric Cars

No longer just a novelty, electric cars are becoming more mainstream in many parts of the country. Upstart car companies are making electric cars desirable again, and new homeowners are going to wonder where they can charge up their cars when they don't want to waste time at a charging station. Building a specialized charging port in the garage can be the ideal solution.

Smart Lighting Controls

Electric lights cost a significant percentage of an annual electric bill, and smart technology aims to reduce those costs. It's such a well-known source of consumption that companies are spending large amounts of time and effort to develop technology to help curtail high power bills. From smart systems you control from your smart phone to lights that shut off when they sense everyone leaving the room, lighting is on the forefront of smart technology right now.

Better Tools and Technology

Commercial electricians may be installing more advanced technology, but they're also going to be using it in their businesses. Mobile computers and apps give you the ability to change designs on the fly while keeping in constant contact with clients and the home office. Laser measuring tools are more accurate, saving material costs. All of these new tools make adapting your building design simpler and more cost effective.

Consuming Less as the Norm

Creating buildings meant to consume less energy just makes sense. Commercial electrical contractors are working with builders to create smarter designs that use less power to keep comfortable. Hyper-efficient HVAC systems, extra insulation in walls and ceilings, and new construction practices that encourage better air flow and brighter rooms all combine to reduce the need for electrical power inside the building.

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