There is never a bad time to service your furnace. The furnace is an important part of both the heating and air conditioning of the central HVAC system. Some people mistakenly think that the furnace is only part of the heating system. In reality, if your furnace is not running efficiently, it can slow down the productivity of the air conditioner and increase your utility bills throughout the entire calendar year. This article explains how to clean the evaporator in your furnace.

Locating the Evaporator

Locating the evaporator can be a little tricky because it is in a different place depending on the style and brand of your furnace. In some furnaces the evaporator is in separate compartment, usually at the top of the furnace. This compartment may or may not be labeled. The evaporator is usually A-shaped and it is at least 10" by 10". So, if it is in a separate compartment, it should be a little bigger than this. Otherwise, the evaporator will be in a small compartment within the main compartment of the furnace. On most modern units, the access panels to these compartments can be easily opened and removed without any tools. On some older furnaces, you might need to take out a screw or two to access the compartment evaporator.

Cleaning the Evaporator

The evaporator is made out of coils that are vital to the heat transfer process. If there is any dust buildup on the coils, transferring heat away from your furnace will be slower and less efficient. This essentially means that your furnace will use more energy and produce weaker airflow. This is why simple evaporator maintenance is vital. A wet rag is great for wiping away most of th dust build up. However, the most problematic might be in between the coils where you cannot reach them with a rag. First, try to suck this dirt up with a hose vacuum. If that does not work, you can try using a toothbrush to reach the rest of the coils. It is definitely worth cleaning out the rest of the compartment while you have it opened up.

Your furnace evaporator is a huge part of central air conditioning. If the evaporator is not functioning properly, the first thing you will notice is reduced airflow. So, if you keep your evaporator clean, you can be confident that your furnace is not the problem. For more information, talk with a company like Plisko Electric.