Before you simply call a commercial electrician out to your office, consider taking this strategy to get the most out of your visit. 

Gather Complaints from Employees

Your electrical problem may be fairly obvious if it's something like a power outage. But your office may also have related or separate electrical issues. Collect complaints from employees about anything that's not working correctly. This gives your commercial electricians more information to work with so that they can make a quick diagnosis of your issue. 

Vet the Electrician

Before you have an electrician visit your property, there are a few things that you should have your office manager check on. If you're working with a smaller, independent contractor, then it's important to verify that they have valid insurance and certification in the electrical field. Larger companies may be more standard in terms of who they hire to do their electrical work; check to see if they are going to send a master electrician or an apprentice for your work. The masters have a larger range of experience, and though they may be billed at a higher rate per hour, their work may be of a higher quality. 

Have the Electrician Do an Audit

You'll want to have your electrician do an audit to assess all of the electrical problems that need attention. Even if you've called the electrician out for a specific reason, you may have other small problems that need tending to. Your electrician will likely charge a fee simply for being on site, so it's a smart choice to bundle your electrical needs into the same visit. 

Get Problems Fixed

Once you have a list of all of the problems that could be addressed, sign your contract and decide which problems you want to deal with now. Your electrician may charge per task or per hour, and the rates may be negotiable if you want to bundle in many tasks in the same visit. It can be helpful to get the tasks done at the same time, especially if it involves a power disconnect that could disturb your employees' productivity. 

Set Up a Maintenance Schedule

Finally, if your electrical problems were related to poor building maintenance, or you don't already have a regularly scheduled electrical checkup for your office space, it's a good idea to sit down with your commercial electrician now to see what can be done. Many electricians recommend an audit at least once a year, especially for heavily-used commercial spaces. This way, your electrician can catch those small maintenance issues before they become a big fire hazard or cause a power outage.