If you want to reduce the energy costs in your home, today there are many different choices of renewable energy. The use of solar panels for electricity is one of the most popular solutions for renewable energy for homes. With solar panels, there are choices such as a grid connected or off-grid system, as well as integrating other renewables like wind energy. Here are some of the renewable energy projects that will help you save on your utility bills:

1. Off-Grid Solar Panels for Independent Systems

One of the easiest ways to get started with solar energy is to install an off-grid system. Installing a smaller system with a panel or two will allow you to power some things in your home, such as lighting, a garage door opener or other small mechanical systems. If you have a smaller home, and off-grid system may be enough to power your entire home without the need for outside electrical service.

2. Selling Energy Back to Utility Services 

There are also grid connected systems that can connect your home to the main power grid. Having a connected system will allow you to sell power back to the utility company if you produce more than what you use. Grid connected systems will also allow you to use energy from the utility company when the solar panel arrays are not producing enough electricity to power your entire home. A grid-tied system will need to be installed and connected by a professional electrician and may be subject to inspection by local building authorities.

3. Integrating The Wind and Other Renewable Energies

Solar panels are usually not enough to power an entire home, which is why other renewable energies are essential if you want to be independent. Consider adding wind turbines, which will help supplement power when there is no sunlight for the solar panels. In addition, there are also other renewable energy solutions for other mechanical systems in your home. Consider solutions like solar water heaters, which are collectors that heat water for mechanical systems. For HVAC, you may also want to consider geothermal energy to reduce the energy consumption for heating and cooling your home.

These are some of the renewable energy projects that will help you save on your energy bills.  Contact a professional electrician to help with wiring and setting up solar panels and other renewable energy solutions for your home.